Tillicoultry Clock Tower Campaign
(TicToc) are a group of
volunteers set up to restore the Clock Tower in Ochil Street. The tower requires work to the stone work , internal access as well as
 getting the clock in working order. We are working alongside
Clackmannanshire Council  to secure the required
funding to carry out the work. The group meet regularly to discuss progress and plan
future events. Our Constitution is available on the website .We currently have
a membership of over 50“Friends of TicToc " and over 245 facebook followers .We are also active in other community events in the Village. If you would like to join us or find out more email us tic.toc@outlook.com

Historic Scotland Stone Masons engaging with local children

Statement from our chair 18/4/17

Friends and
supporters of TicToc

It has been a while since we have given you an update on the
work of supporting the repair and restoration of the Tillicoultry clock
tower.  Over the past 5 years there have
been periods of high and low activity and at the moment it has been a time of
reflection. The long term discussions with the Council had come to a bit of a
stalemate not helped by the changing circumstances of different administrations
and changing roles within the council.


We hope and expect that the Clock tower will feature in the
feedback from the Community Development plan (CDP) given the apparent
significant support for TicToc and other heritage activities at the community
session at the Devonvale Hall. Thank you to all those who voted for the Clock
tower at that event and we look forward to later in May when the report and
proposals will be released.  We do believe
that the future of the tower and other heritage sites within Tillicoultry will
be enhanced by the work of the CDP.  It
was encouraging that some of the candidates in the upcoming election made
positive remarks in supporting the work of Tictoc and the whole community of
Tillicoultry to ensure the tower is guaranteed for future generations.


As of April we continue to have conversations with the
appropriate staff at Clackmannanshire Council to help identify and then bid for
funds to enable the repair and restoration of the clock tower.  Once the May council election is over and an
administration is in place, we will then seek to have effective and positive
discussions about the way forward with all necessary partners.


Once we have further progress to share with the community we
will organise an information evening for just TicToc or as part of a wider
community consultation. Thank you to all those who have raised and continue to
raise funds to support the wider work of TicToc.  All funds you have raised will only be used
to support the successful bids for funding of development work for the Clock Tower.  If you are a current supporter of TicToc and
want to know the amount of funds available in TicToc then please contact us



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